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Saturday, March 09, 2013 | 20:37 | 0 comments

Annyeong-chingu ! Lama tak update blog, kan ? How long was that ? 1 month ? 2 months ? Nope. 5 months. Hahahaha i cant believe it was that long :p btw, i'm so sorry for the long absence. I've been studying (?) for the whole months. And, bercakap tentang study. Did you guys know that I'm one of the UPSR candidates this year ? Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ! Help me !!!!!!! lol 

Disebabkan tyka dah masuk year 6, all the teachers only focus on our learning. Baru tahu cenggini rasa hidup sebagai year 6 .__. Last 2 weeks, I went to a UPSR seminar in UM. It was a great day until cikgu yang mengajar Math masuk :p Ugh i hate that teacher. He is bald and un-awesome. seriously. And i called him 'BOTAK'. When i feel unsatisfied for anything, i will yell 'BOTAK' ! donno why o.o well, thats me . 

Okay, what else to say ? donno. kbaii

I will return to Malaysia this March. maybe so :(