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CL unnie ♥
Friday, December 21, 2012 | 06:34 | 0 comments

Annyeong-chingu ! Rakyat beta dah ready nak start sekolah ? Hmmm beta belum ;’( Beta still nak enjoy :D Apa-apa je lah. 2NE1 right here ~ Its been a long time of coming ~ We gonna set the roof of fire (baby) ~ You better get yours, Cause I’m getting mine ~ *rapping* Lol xD Beta minat bidang rap ye. Note that ! Haha. Hmmmm, beta teringinlah nak jadi macam CL. Alahhh, leader and main rapper girl group yang rock gitu. Alahhh leader  2NE1. Haaah kenal ? Even though dia tak kaya or cantik (EH? Haha) beta still nak jadi macam dia. Dia swag giloss nak MAMP** I like her style and I like the way she act on camera. I mean rapping :’) Unnie, if you’re reading this (hoping), I hope we can be friend on Me2Day ^^ Hehe. And keep your cuteness until you’re old enough. I mean when you’re 50 something years old :’)

Kalau boleh, beta teringin nak uji bakat dekat YG Entertaiment. Wuuhhhh ~ I hope this dream will come true :D Pleaseee. God, just once :’) I’m gonna audition myself as rapper (still not sure). Emmm, maybe as a backup vocalist. Lol xD Dream come true, bebeh. Insyaallah ^^ Adiossss

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