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I Hate You But I Still Like You (Idiot)
Tuesday, June 21, 2011 | 03:55 | 1 comments

I hate:67: that I :9:fell for you:a1:
I hate that you:22: left me
I hate that you hate:6: me
I hate tha:face29:t you don’t care
I hate :14:that you :face33:wanted this
I hate:face1: your smiles:1:
I hate :131:your laugh:11:
I hate your:face25: jokes
I hate that I would die:y: if I didn’t see you smile:17: just one more time:x:
I hate how my :95:friends lie to me telling:68: me it’s yours
I hate that I ever:96: met :27:you:97:
I hate how I would:104: have never :104:changed a thing:19: 

:n::21::96:BUT I STILL LIKE YOU:95::22: