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Dear Diary,
Tuesday, June 21, 2011 | 03:53 | 0 comments
Boredom strikes :D yes, im effin' bored right now.i've done playing guitar. mom let me choose for going on piano class or vocal class. i dont know wht to choose -__- maybe piano? i want to try :b maybe vocal class comes afterward aite? :) oh well, It's April. well, Hello April :) im tired of saying "please be nice". i got fooled yesterday...i got a prank call -.- pfft. oh you, yes YOU. if you're reading this, i just want you to know that,

    yeah, seriously.i'm done.guys, HATE ME. hate me with all your heart. cos you know what? I DON'T CARE.ALLAH SEES IT.ALLAH KNOWS EVERYTHING.i dont care how many people hates me or 'anti' on me or backstab me or whatever it is. i don't care. trying to messing with me? THAT'S FINE.because one day, you all gonna see me standing up for my ownself.because i believe, i have Him. I have Allah.